Weekly classes are yoga-based, but they're unlike any yoga classes you've taken before, because they're designed specifically with runners in mind.

No yoga experience necessary.

I’ve been a runner for years...but as soon as I started coming to her classes...I felt stronger in a completely new way.
— Olivia B

Yoga For Runners

Bulletproof your running by building both stability and mobility that runners need.  Each pose helps you get stronger, address muscle imbalances, and avoid injury.

This signature class is a runner favorite.  Its breakthrough approach was developed over years by Steph Creaturo to address all the vulnerable areas runners too often neglect.  It's truly unlike any other yoga class you'll ever take.

For: Beginner, Experienced, Injured

Sun 2:00pm      Thu 7:35pm      Fri 12:30pm

Yoga for Runners: Level 2

This limited edition class builds on all of the great stability, mobility, and strength work we do in Yoga for Runners, taking it to the next level. 

For: Students who have been taking Yoga for Runners for over a year. 

Sun 5:15pm 

Strong & Stable: Hybrid

This class combines innovative strength work with centuries-old yoga poses to build stability and strength we need as runners. Build your knowledge of how your hips, core, and shoulders work so that you get the maximum support for your running.

For: Beginner, Experienced, Injured

Sun 12:00pm         Wed 7:00pm       Fri 9:20am