Training Plans

We design training plans for all races. They are customized for you, and accessible through a free, easy-to-use app.

Dynamic plans (updated throughout training) include personal coaching and are billed monthly.

Fixed plans are billed as a one-time payment.

All plans have the option of including Yoga for Runners classes at a discounted rate.

Training Plan Lengths

Most marathon and half-marathon plans out there are 3-4 months.

In our view, however, an ideal plan is 5-6 months because it provides enough time for base-building, which is critical for those long distances. Those extra weeks will make a big difference on race day.

We love designing plans for other distances, too — from the mile to ultras. Believe it or not, even shorter races benefit tremendously from a few weeks of base-building. The sooner you begin training, the better your race result.

That said, we will gladly build a plan that fits your needs.

Email for details and pricing