What's The Run Studio?

The Run Studio is your home base for all things running. We have a space at Mala Yoga in Cobble Hill for classes and integrated training, and we provide a variety of services, like coaching, personalized plans, group runs, special programs, and more.

We are part of a joyful, close-knit community of runners, and we invite you to join us. Whether you seek the social cohesion of a group or the personal touch of one-on-one coaching, The Run Studio has it all. Staying motivated is hard. But The Run Studio coaches specialize in empowering your running with the inspiration and guidance you need to get off the couch or hit your dream goal in a big race.

Part of what sets us apart is our fanatical commitment to keeping injury at bay by making you a stronger runner.  Look, the risk of injury is a reality for runners. But too many runners suffer needless injuries, and it really bums us out. That’s why Steph Creaturo developed a system, refined over years, that is designed specifically to dramatically reduce that risk — and to help you recover better if you do get hurt.

In addition, the personal attention we give our runners you simply won’t find anywhere else. Not only do we customize your training. We customize our teaching. We take into consideration all the individual traits — from your physical gait to your mental state, from your races and paces to your aches and pains — that add up to make you the unique runner you are. We genuinely take your successes and disappointments to heart, and care deeply about how you respond to running, not just in your body but also in your heart.

Think you’re too slow? Too overweight? Too old? Nope, nope, and nope. We hear this a lot, and we just want to tell you that we get it. We understand all too well the insecurities that can stop you from getting out there and doing something as simple, scary, and courageous as running. Trust us, we’ve faced our full share of fears and anxieties. And we think it’s so important to share what we’ve learned to help you overcome yours. Inclusiveness is something near and dear to our hearts, and we truly believe in the creed:

No Runner Left Behind

We also believe strongly in the first rule of running: Just show up.

And we hope you do.

When you’re at The Run Studio, it’s all connected: the cylinders of your heart to the rhythm of your breath to the beeps on your watch.
— Steph